Super Foods for a Super Weekend

Susan Flint’s, Piggy Tenderloins. Inspired from a German product.

Today I’m sitting through a six-hour session on finance.  While I appreciate how important it is for any farm or any business to understand operating performance and getting a return on one’s investments, I have to admit that my mind has wandered more than once to food!

Asset turnover brought to mind apple turnoversMargins brought to mind margarine, which in turn led to think about how Real® butter makes everything better.  Butter made me think about bacon – and we all know that bacon makes everything better!  🙂

Thoughts of food reminded me that I have yet to share some of the wonderful recipes that were submitted for Latham’s Pin It to Win It Sweepstakes held in conjunction with the Super Bowl.  There are so many great comfort foods and crock pot creations that you can bet I’ll be making many of these in the coming weeks for my family.

P.S.  Be sure to turn to tomorrow when our Sweepstakes winner shares two of her family’s favorite recipes with us.