SoyShield™ Seed Treatment Platform

Shield Your Seed From Spring Weather Risk

Research shows that during the emergence stage alone 2.5 bushels of soybean yield are at risk due to seed rot and seedling blight. Insect pressure can widen that bushel risk even more. Latham SoyShield seed treatments are best-in-class formulations designed to battle the toughest pathogens like Fusarium and Phythophthora. Arm your soybeans for battle with Latham SoyShield Plus seed treatment and claim victory in the bin next season!

Soyshield Soyshield plus


Positive stand increase
Soyshield plus chart
Emerge Victorious at Harvest!

Shield your seed with Latham SoyShield Plus seed treatment. Contact us for an analysis of which SoyShield products may be the best protection for your acres.