Emotion Catches Attention & Gives Reason to Share a Message: Social Media Told Ag’s Story on Super Bowl Sunday

Even if I hadn’t been tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday, news feeds on Facebook and Twitter accounts provided a play-by-play account – at least of the commercials.  Who would’ve guessed that “farmers” would be trending during the Super Bowl?

The top Super Bowl spot, at least during the first quarter, was the “Got Milk?” ad featuring Duane “The Rock” Johnson.  Soon thereafter Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” Clydesdale ad surpassed the Milk “Morning Run” as top ad, according to Forbes.

The commercial about the little Clydesdale is very much a true picture of how farmers feel about our animals.  This particular commercial did a masterful job of telling a farmer’s story and showing an emotional connection with his animal, which brings up an important point I’ve been trying to make: emotion attracts the attention of those whom we want to share our message.

For years and years, those of us in the ag community have talked about facts and science.  We’ve been armed with research and data– and we’ve been largely overlooked.  To get noticed for the right reasons, farmers must use emotion to gain attention of the non-farming public and to share our messages!  Why?  Because agriculture is relevant today – maybe even more so if you take into consideration the growing world population – as it was when 98% of all people were farmers.

Recently, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said rural America is less relevant now.  Really?  Farmers and ranchers provide food, fiber, and fuel for this country.  Products made from agricultural products are used to make medicines and other products used for healing, such as pig skin for burn grafts and heart valves.  Knowing that my pigs are helping feed people – and heal their hearts – is a source of pride.

There are many reasons that I Am Agrihculture Proud.  Nothing stirred Pride, Passion and Conversation on Sunday – and nearly every minute since it aired – like the Dodge Ram truck commercial featuring a poem recited by Paul Harvey during the 1978 FFA annual convention.  It was a nice, little piece that paid tribute to farmers and God, both of which have been getting bad press lately!

Dodge Ram’s ad is part of a campaign to support the National FFA Foundation’s hunger initiative “Feeding the World – Starting at Home.”  Each time this commercial is watched online, the National FFA earns $1 up to $1 million!  Check out this post by fellow Franklin Count farmer, Val Plagge, “for the rest of the story.”

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