When seeding alfalfa in late summer or early fall, it’s critical the new growth builds up enough carbohydrates in its crown to safely overwinter. Latham’s AlfaShield Seed Treatment helps set up the fragile alfalfa seed for emergence success. AlfaShield surrounds the alfalfa seed, helping it absorb soil moisture quickly to begin the germination process. AlfaShield also contains key micronutrients, a growth promoter called Optimize Gold that accelerates emergence and Stamina® for protection against disease.AlfaShield Graphic 01

The AlfaShield Advantage

  • Shown to help improve germination in moisture challenged soils
  • NEW Stamina® offers MORE protection against a broader spectrum of soil fungi
  • Micronutrients on seed help encourage quicker emergence and root development, which helps build a stronger immune system early


Protection from important seedling diseases

  • Aphanomyces
  • Rhizoctonia
  • Fusarium
  • Phytophthora


Better, earlier nodule formation for improved nitrogen fixation

  • At least 100% more live Rhizobium per seed than pre-inoculated uncoated seed improves root development and nodulation


Better stand establishment and yield

  • Root and shoot development is enhanced immediately and independent of soil conditions
  • Early start improves plant health with season-long benefits of greater yield potential