Ironclad™ Soybeans

Latham® IRONCLAD™ Soybeans include exceptional genetics and industry-leading protective traits, battling against yield-robbing threats from pests and diseases. To bear the IRONCLAD distinction, each soybean brand must be Soybean Cyst Nematode resistant and carry an Iron Deficiency Chlorosis rating of 2.2 or better. Depending on your specific needs, IRONCLAD brands must protect against either White Mold or Sudden Death Syndrome with a rating of 2.2 or higher. Furthermore, these products must have strong defensive ratings against Phytophthora Root Rot and Brown Stem Rot.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ 2016 product guide features 20 soybean brands bearing IRONCLAD distinction. These products move quick, so order early to protect yield and maximize your profits in 2016!

L0358R2X L0643L L0836L L1086L
L1238L L1285R2X L1438R2 L1882R2
L1968R2 L1986R2X L2083L L2084R2
L2128R2 L2184R2X L2186L L2228R2
L2348R2X L2358L L2482R2 L2558L
L2684L L2758R2 L2859R2X L2884R2