Ironclad™ Soybeans

Latham® IRONCLAD™ Soybeans include exceptional genetics and industry-leading protective traits, battling against yield-robbing threats from pests and diseases. To bear the IRONCLAD™ distinction, each soybean brand must be Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN)-resistant and carry an Iron Deficiency Chlorosis (IDC) rating of 2.2 or better. Plus, IRONCLAD brands must protect against either White Mold or Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) with a rating of 2.2 or higher. These products must have strong defensive ratings against Phytophthora Root Rot and Brown Stem Rot, as well.

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L 0739 R2X L 2228 R2 L 0643 L L 1793 LLGT27 L 2193 E3
L 1482 R2X L 0836 L  L 2379 E3
L 1769 R2X L 1238 L L 2638 E3
L 1948 R2X L 1448 L L 3192 E3
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