Goss Boss Hybrids

Handle Goss Like A Boss!
Plant NEW Goss Boss hybrids from Latham Hi-Tech Seeds.

Goss’ Wilt is a bacterium that can overwinter in infected residue on the soil surface and in weed hosts. Foliar fungicides have no effect since it’s a bacterial disease, so a good defense is your best offense against Goss’s Wilt. One of the best ways to battle Goss’s Wilt is with hybrid selection. If your fields have suffered from Goss’s in the past, or if this disease is becoming more prevalent in your area, protect your investment with one of these defensive hybrids. One of the best predictors of a hybrid’s performance is its field position. Contact a Latham representative today to work through a FieldXField® analysis and determine which Goss Boss hybrid is right for your fields.

LH 3035 VT2 PRO
LH 3222 RR
LH 3325 VT2 PRO
LH 4375 VT2 PRO
LH 4542 GT/LFY
LH 4692 RR
LH 4795 VT2 PRO
LH 5020
LH 5025 VT2 PRO DG
LH 5047 VT2 PRO
LH 5049 SS
LH 5052 RR/LFY
LH 5062 GT/LFY
LH 5095 VT2 PRO
LH 5199 SS/LFY
LH 5242 RR
LH 5245 VT2 PRO
LH 5249 SS
LH 5389 SS
LH 5487 VT2 PRO
LH 5495 3122
LH 5517 VT2 PRO
LH 5589 SS
LH 5635 VT2 PRO
LH 5739 SS
LH 5740
LH 5742 RR
LH 5769 SS
LH 5847 VT2 PRO
LH 5949 SS
LH 5965 VT2 PRO
LH 6069 SS
LH 6180
LH 6187 VT2 PRO DG
LR 6304 3220
LH 6529 SS