From the Field Crop Report: August 23

Northeast Iowa & Southeast Minnesota

Craig Haaland

With photos like these that were taken in Mower County, Minnesota, it’s easy to see why L1858R2 soybeans are so popular! The Latham product has dominated F.I.R.S.T Trials for the past two years. Put this soybean on order and place it on your better soils!

It looks to be another banner year for LH 5215 VT2 PRO, too. North Iowa and Southeast Minnesota has received adequate rainfall lately, but we could use a few more heat units.

Eastern Iowa

Jerry Broders

The future is here! L 2887 R2X soybeans are going to be hard to beat with their yield potential along with their superior defensive characteristics. They are so good that they’re giving our ever popular L 2884 R2 soybeans a run for the money.


North Central Iowa & South Central Minnesota

Cory Greiman

White Mold is showing up in southern Minnesota where they’ve been getting excess rainfall and cooler temps. Be sure to note areas with White Mold because this will aid in future product selection. The best offense is a good defense! Plant tolerant varieties, or avoid very susceptible varieties, is to manage soybean disease. Also remember the seed treatments are effective insurance policies.

Central Iowa

Bryan Rohe

Soybeans are maturing rapidly on these sandy and clay soils near Jefferson, Iowa. Nick Coleman of Coleman Ag Solutions counts pods on Latham 2228 R2 soybean and compares it to a competitor’s brand in a plot near Ogden.

West North Central Iowa

Bart Peterson

Latham® Dealer Troy Johnson of Odebolt, Iowa, this week pulled one plant in a field of L 1858 R2. This one plant had 6 pods with 4 beans in each pod. I’ve never seen anything like it! August rains help fill the pods. With findings like this, a person can’t help but look forward to harvest.


Northwest Iowa

Darin Chapman

You’re invited to join Latham Hi-Tech Seeds for a Seed-2-Soil® Technology Plot Day on August 31 near Spencer, Iowa! Our presentations will focus on hot topics in agronomy including: Weed Management, Corn and Soybean Technologies, Cover Crops and Seed Treatment.

Location: 2515 410th St., Greenville, IA 51343


5:00 PM — Tour Option #1

5:30 PM — Tour Option #2

Dinner & Speaker to follow


Southern Wisconsin

Greg Mair

Topics on farmers’ minds this week are diseases.  Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and White Mold are back in 2017 and Goss’ Wilt has affected some areas of Southwest Wisconsin.  The best plan for mitigating these diseases in 2018 is selecting a seed product with resistance.  Contact your Latham(R) Sales Rep for information on our 2018 IRONCLAD Soybean Lineup and Goss Boss corn hybrids.


Eastern North Dakota

Brian McNamee

Now that small grains and early crop harvest is almost complete, it’s time to walk the corn fields. Pay special attention to pollination, especially in areas that saw significant drought stress throughout the first few months of this growing season.

Like many others, I thought the recent rains might be our saving grace. The new growth and greening up appears misleading. There is a considerable amount of acres with poor to very poor pollination. The crop looks great from the road, but you can see the damage that was done once the husks are pulled back.


Southeast North Dakota

Gary Geske

I was doing some crop scouting on my way to Brainerd, Minnesota last weekend. While we were watching the races, it occurred to me that Latham’s Technology Plot Tour is a little like “speed week” at the track. Latham’s management team and product team members are putting on lots of miles, driving to Latham Seed-2-Soil Plots and visiting with farmers from across our 7-state marketing area.

Last night the first in our series of Technology Plot Tours was held near Mountain Lake, Minnesota. Tonight we’ll be in Fargo, North Dakota. Click here to see our schedule. We hope to see you at one of these events!

Geske 1


Northeast South Dakota

James Keltgen

Widespread rain finally fell this week in Northeast South Dakota. Some areas received more than 4 inches while others received less. Hail fell west of Milbank. It looked as if a winter storm had occurred because the ground was pure white! Corn is beginning dough stage and soybeans are filling pods.

Southeast South Dakota

Ramie Coughlin

With August rains coming down like it’s May, most of the soybeans across Southeast South Dakota have plenty of moisture to fill the pods nicely. Many soybeans are in the R5 (beginning pod fill) stage.


Northern Minnesota

Ken Highness

We’re hosting Latham’s Seed-2-Soil® Technology Plot Day this evening, 5 to 7 PM, near Fargo. Stop out look at our complete lineup of soybean and corn products! Our plot is located on the southwest corner of HWY 10 and HWY 9, just three miles east of Glyndon, Minnesota.

Discussion will follow the tour on topics of weed management, corn and soybean technology, cover crops and seed treatment.

Southern Minnesota

Brandon Wendlandt

Thanks everyone who attended the regional field day last night in southern Minnesota! Those who attended got a sneak peek at Latham’s 2018 lineup, learned about new technologies including Nemastrike seed treatment, and got tips on growing cover crops.