White Mold? Your Best Offense is a Good Defense!

Kerr soybean plotWeekly “From the Field” crop reports filed by Latham’s regional sales managers show that diseases from Iron Deficiency Chlorosis to Sudden Death Syndrome and White Mold are prevalent this season in soybean fields across the Upper Midwest. What can you do if your crops are suffering?


The best thing you can do now is take good field notes. That way, if you practice a corn-soybean rotation, you’ll remember to plant more defensive soybean products on those fields in the future. Seed selection is key to reducing risk and minimizing damage.


Be sure you note the rating given to each product in a seed catalog before you select it for a particular field. Plant tolerant varieties, or avoid very susceptible varieties, is to manage soybean disease. Also remember the seed treatments are effective insurance policies.


Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ signature SoyShieldTM, a fungicide-only package, and SoyShield PlusTM with fungicide and insecticide, protect seeds from disease and insect damage for up to 30 days. This time frame is longer than many other seed treatments and is typically an adequate window of protection. SoyShield includes an exclusive fungicide combination that provides excellent protection against seed and soil borne diseases including: Pythium, Phytophthora, Fusarium and Rhizoctonia.  SoyShield Plus features that same fungicide combination with an imidacloprid insecticide that gives early season control of many seedling insects.  In addition, seed treatments can provide health benefits for more rapid and increased germination under certain conditions.


Do what you can now to protect yield in 2016 and order Latham® IRONCLAD soybeans. To make seed selection easier, below is a list of products in our 2016 lineup with the best White Mold tolerance. Contact your local Latham dealer or the Latham Seeds’ office for help choosing the best product for each of your fields. FieldXFieldSM Yields!


2016 Latham® Soybeans with the best White Mold tolerance:

*rating score of 2.2 or better

L 0256 R2

L 0683 L

L 0765R 2

L 0836 L

L 1156 R2

L 1328 L

L 1438 R2

L 1548 L

L 1673 R2

L 1848 L
L 1882 R2
L 1968 R2
L 1985 R2