Meet Me at the Latham Home Farm!


Late summer is a busy time of the year for farmers. Not only are we getting our equipment in working order so we’re ready to roll if a field needs to be harvested early, but we’re also attending tradeshows and seed company field days. This week is a prime example as Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is hosting is annual Seed-2-Soil® Technology Showcase on Wednesday, Aug. 31, on the Latham home farm in Alexander, Iowa. It’s also the annual Farm Progress Show, which his being held Aug. 30-Sept. 1 near Boone, Iowa.

One reason I look forward to Latham’s field day on the Latham Century Farm is learn about future seed technologies.  Latham Seeds is one of a select few companies in the Midwest that has both an Enlist research plot and an Enlist production field.  We also have Balance GT soybeans to evaluate in research.  Once these products have full approval – Enlist has herbicide approval from the EPA but is awaiting Chinese approval – they will be available for purchase from Latham Seeds.
In fact, Latham Seeds’ field day is unique because it’s a one-stop shop for Xtend, LibertyLink and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans. There are 13 new Xtend products in the 2017 Latham® product guide. NOTE: Xtend soybeans have received final approval from the European Union in the global approval process, but the low-volatile formulation of dicamba herbicide intended for Xtend soybeans has not received approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Herbicide approval is expected soon, but until it’s received, these soybeans must be treated like Roundup Ready soybeans.

One of my favorite field stops at the Latham plot day is the company’s stress wheel, which demonstrates hybrids’ response to plant population. It’s interesting to see how ear placement changes, depending on plant population. This plot also includes silage hybrids. Latham Forage Product Manager Corey Catt is one of the very best corn silage and nutrition experts in the industry! He is passionate about rebuilding soils management, including the use of alfalfa and cover crops.  Corey will introduce the revolutionary HarvXtraTM low-lignin alfalfa, which produces the very best quality hay for dairy or beef cattle.

There’s so much to see and do! What I honestly enjoy most about the Latham field day is having direct access to the people who select the company’s product lineup. I appreciate the fact that I can speak directly to John Latham, Mark Grundmeier or anyone on the Latham team – either at this event or anytime I pick up the phone and have a question. I also appreciate that Latham is an independent, family-owned business that has developed a fine reputation for offering only the highest quality products that are bred to perform best in specific geographies.

As a technology junkie, I’ll admit that I’m looking forward to a guest presentation by Latham® seed grower Phil Pitzenberger on ways he uses drones in his farming operation. He’ll share drone images that reveal problem areas he couldn’t see from the ground, and I’m guessing that by the end of his presentation, every farmer in the room will be thinking of ways he or she can put a drone to work!

Tomorrow I hope you’ll be able to visit the Latham home farm, 131 180th Street in Alexander, Iowa!