Stress Wheels Show Hybrid Response to Population

We are officially in #grow16! Many farmers and the Latham Research Team are breathing a sigh of relief now that we’re seeing the crops take off. We’re especially seeing rapid growth in the stress wheel that was planted by the Latham Hi-Tech Seeds Sales interns.


The Latham Hi-Tech Seeds corn hybrid stress wheel in Alexander, Iowa.

Due to the popularity of the stress wheel at our Alexander location, this year we’ve planted one at each location where one of our 2016 regional field days will be held. A stress wheel shows how different Latham® Hi-Tech Hybrids handle density stress. People attending a Seed-to-Soil® Field Day can walk inside the stress wheel and examine 38 varieties, all of which part of Latham’s 2017 corn lineup.

Joe Roberts, one of our sales interns, has been taking photos with a drone since emergence. Check out his awesome photos – and stay tuned to TheFieldPosition to watch our corn grow!


The stress wheel is intended to discover which hybrids react best to population differences and to see how ear size, stalk strength, ear height and plant height are affected by population. The stress wheel in Alexander showcases 38 different Latham brand hybrids. Semi-circle stress wheels have been planted at the other Seed-2-Soil Regional Field Day locations:


Watertown, South Dakota           August 23
Morgan, Minnesota                        August 24
Alexander, Iowa                               August 31
Fargo, North Dakota                       Sept. 14


Other topics that will be discussed at each field day include: Latham’s 2017 lineup for corn, soybeans and silage products; new HarvXtraTM alfalfa, as well as Weed Management. We hope to see you at one of these great events later this summer!