Announcing Our Newest Arrival… HarvXtra Alfalfa!

Our long awaited, low lignin alfalfa is finally here! Meet HarvXtraTM, one of the most intellectual geneticiStock_12714257_STORK_HarvXtra_HiRes
breakthroughs in alfalfa. This small seed is packed with unparalleled genetic capacity that is expected to produce the most amazing advances in field and feed performance.

Benefits of planting HarvXtra:

  • Improved daily feed intake
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased milk potential per dairy cow
  • Wider harvest window
  • Fewer harvests, yet maintaining top yields and forage quality
  • Equipped with Roundup® for the broadest weed control option

If you feed dairy cows or raise alfalfa commercially, HavXtra offers the best potential for return on your seed investment than any other hybrid or variety you could buy. Here’s why…

Lignin is part of the alfalfa structure that helps keep the plant standing. As the alfalfa plant matures from vegetative to bloom stage, typically the digestibility of Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestbility (NDFD) decreases. Plants with the HarvXtra trait, however, demonstrated a 10-15% increase in NDFD and Relative Forage Quality when compared to related lines without HarvXtra trait. Plus, this new low lignin alfalfa maintained standability similar to conventional alfalfa.

Through the years, I’ve been closely following the development of low lignin alfalfa. I’ve been asking lots of questions, but my main question was always, “When is this going to be available for sale?” The answer is now, “Low lignin alfalfa is available from Latham Hi-Tech Seeds!”

As is the case with most new products, demand is expected to exceed supply during this introductory year. Contact your local Latham® representative or call 1-877-GO-LATHAM (1.877.465.2842) today to arrange delivery to your farm!

HarvXtra Chart