Corn. Soybeans. Corn. Soybeans.

Soybean_BagLike a pendulum swinging on a clock, many farmers are still going back and forth about which crop to plant this spring.

Unlike corn, which has seen large price declines in recent months, soybean prices have held stronger. That’s why some experts say continuous corn ground will go back to soybeans this spring. Other experts says there is a potential for 9 million acres of farmland that didn’t get planted in 2013 to be planted to corn in 2014.

Regardless of which crop Midwest farmers choose to plant, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds has a full lineup of products available to meet your needs for 2014 planting. The quality of Latham® products has never been better – and it’s a difference you can literally see! Latham’s production facility doesn’t operate when the weather is below 10 degrees and that leads to higher germinating soybeans. As a result, Latham soybeans had 10 to 15 percent higher germinations in 2013. We expect to see similar results in 2014 since there have been so many days with temperatures below zero this winter.

“Quality” in the bag leads to performance in the field. We believe it so strongly that we print the word “quality” on every bag of Latham Hi-Tech Soybeans! Rest assured you can count on Latham to deliver the highest quality seed products. During changing and uncertain times like this, you can find comfort in working with a family-owned company that’s been in business for nearly 70 years.