USDA Releases Annual Crop Production Summary

The USDA recently released the annual crop production summary. Following are highlights that were reported on Corn and Soybean Digest’s website.

Corn: U.S. grain for corn production reached a record 12.3 billion bushels, up 2% from the Nov. 1 forecast, and 1% above the previous record of 13.0 billion bushels that was set in 2007.

Estimated yields reached record high levels across much of the Corn Belt, Great Plains and Ohio Valley. Mild temperatures and adequate soil moisture contributed to yield growth. Record yields were also estimated for much of the upper Rocky Mountain Region, as well as the Pacific Northwest.

 Soybeans: Production in 2009 totaled 3.36 billion bushels, up 1% from the Nov. 1 forecast and 13% from 2008. U.S. production is the largest on record. Average yield per acre was estimated at 44 bushels, 0.7 bushels above the November forecast and 4.3 bushels above last year’s yield. Acres planted were up 2% from 2008, totaling 77.5 acres.

Yields increased or were maintained in all states except Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, New York and South Carolina. Good growing conditions with ample moisture attributed to higher yields.

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