Iowa Agri-Women to Meet

Annette Sweeney served two terms in the Iowa Legislature, but she and her husband, Dave, have continued to raise Angus cattle.  DAN PILLER/REGISTER PHOTOS

Annette Sweeney of rural Buckeye in Hardin County, Iowa, has worn many hats: farmer’s daughter, teacher, farmer, cattle producer, wife, mother and state legislator.  She’s starting the New Year with a new title as president of Iowa Agri-Women, the newly formed legislative advocacy arm of the Iowa Women in Agriculture organization and is affiliated with American Agri-Women.

Agriculture is Sweeney’s passion and advocacy remains her sacred cow.  She’s on a mission to make women aware of policy that affects their families and their farming operations.  That’s why she reaching out to women statewide, inspiring them to become involved with Iowa Agri-Women.

“Women in agriculture must be actively engaged in the lawmaking and rule-making processes because there are fewer people who understand the day-to-day workings,” says Sweeney.  “Ag literacy is a real concern.  Too many individuals in places of power have never set foot on a farm, yet their making laws and rules that greatly impact our businesses and livelihoods.”

Anyone and everyone who is concerned about how legislation could impact agriculture is invited to an inaugural meeting later this month.  The group will meet again in March at the Wallace State Office Building, Des Moines.

“We want to make ourselves known to legislators, so that if a related issue comes up, they will feel comfortable visiting with us to see how our farms and related businesses might be impacted. We want to provide a ‘local resource’ for in each legislative districts (50 Senate; 100 House).

For more information, call 641-373-4899 or e-mail