Why Choose Latham® Seeds?

Family Owned & Farm Proven

 95% of America’s farms are family-owned and operated. Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is proud to be among the few remaining family-owned and independent seed companies based right here in the Midwest on our family’s century farm.

Industry Leading Quality

Quality in the bag is stated on the tag. Double check your tags for 2019 as some companies are tagging at 75 or 80% germination. How much extra seed is needed to make up for that lost germ on every acre? This season, it pays to plant Latham® as most of our soybeans will tag at 90% or higher.

Soybean germ infographic (003)

Independent. Options.

What does working with a family-owned seed company mean for you?

  1. A full portfolio of options including Roundup Ready Xtend, Enlist, Liberty Link, LLGT27, Roundup Ready 2, SmartStax, VT Double Pro, VT Triple Pro, Agrisure and more.
  2. An unbiased review of thousands of genetic and trait options to find the best fit for Upper Midwest growing conditions.
  3. The link to growing your farming legacy. Call 877-GO-LATHAM or leave your contact information in the form below.

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