Engineered For Your Local Conditions

Rooted in Independence

Our company is rooted in independence. That independence means our company isn’t responsible for making trait providers more successful or corporate stakeholders’ results more impressive. We are responsible to one entity only — you, our customer. Our primary responsibility is to make your business more successful and your results more impressive.

The success of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds lies in understanding your field better than anyone else and offering recommendations and service that maximize product performance and yield. This leads to honest, two-way conversation and recommendations that are more likely to provide record-breaking results.

Our product selections have proven successful time and time again because they’re based on your particular soils. Our independence – and our strong relationships with the world’s industry-leading genetic providers – allows Latham Hi-Tech Seeds to offer the industry’s broadest, deepest lineup. Plus, our product lineup decisions are made by regional experts focused on meeting your area’s specific weather, soil and pest challenges!