Latham Locker Room Show

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds continues our family’s tradition of supporting ISU.

We’re proud to sponsor the Latham Locker Room Show, a post-game show where analysts, coaches and players share their thoughts about the game. The Latham Locker Room Show airs during every football broadcast on the state-wide Cyclone Radio Network. This segment airs following the play-by-play and includes exclusive “locker room” interviews with players and coaches.

A game schedule is posted at You can listen on the following stations in the Cyclone Radio Network:

Albia KIIC-FM 96.7
Algona KLGA-FM 92.7
Ames (Day | Night) KASI-AM 1430
Ames KCCQ-FM 105.1
Atlantic KSOM-FM 96.5
Boone KWGB-AM 1590
Carroll KCIM-AM 1380
Cedar Rapids KCNZ-AM 1650
Cherokee KCHE-FM 92.1
Denison KDSN-FM 107.1
Des Moines KXNO-AM 1460
Des Moines KDRB-FM 100.3
Fairfield KMCD-AM 1570
Forest City/Mason City KIOW-FM 107.3
Fort Dodge KWMT-AM 540
Fort Madison KBKB-AM 1360
Hampton KLMJ-FM 104.9
Humboldt KHBT-FM 97.7
Marshalltown KXIA-FM 101.1
Marshalltown KFJB-AM 1230
Mt. Pleasant KILJ-AM 1130
New Hampton/Charles City KCHA-FM 95.9
Ottumwa KLEE-AM 1480
Perry KDLS-AM 1310
Quad Cities KJOC-AM 1170
Shenandoah KMA-AM 960
Spencer KICD-FM 107.7
Webster City KQWC-FM 95.7