Give Back this Holiday Season

The brisk air and cozy fall nights excite many Midwesterners for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. As we take time to recognize and be thankful for what we have, it’s important to remember those families and friends that find this season the most difficult time of the year. Unfortunately, disappointment can fill the voids while some families can’t afford to gift their children or prepare a traditional thanksgiving dinner.

We are challenged to give back to our communities and families in need, whether it is through sharing hot dishes, quality time with each other or financially. Those in the Midwest are known for helping neighbors and friends during the fall and spring when times become highly stressed, where others face many stressful times during the holiday season.

We encourage you to continue helping the less fortunate throughout this holiday season. Here are some ways people in #NorthIowa are giving back this season:

Donating a gift to your local community center is a simple way of giving and can make a young girl’s or boy’s holiday. You never know how much your actions will impact an individual or family, especially during the holiday season when some need it the most. Whether you take part in the giving tree at a local church, donating toys to a shelter or help a relative prepare holiday food, you can make a difference!

How you demonstrate giving and show caring can also make a difference in your children’s lives. Your actions can make an impression and create a legacy. Giving back can be a gift you gift yourself this season!