Support Our Troops through Red Shirt Friday

While observing Memorial Day yesterday, I gave a lot of thought to Red Shirt Friday. I wear a red shirt to show support for our troops because “red” is really an acronym for “remember everyone deployed.”

Last Friday, as on many Fridays, I wore my red shirt. This Friday, however, wearing red had a more personal meaning for me and my wife, Janice. Our daughter, Sara, was home to help celebrate my birthday and our wedding anniversary. Sara is a military veteran, and she greatly appreciated seeing her mother and me show a sign of military support.

Apparently wearing red on Fridays is an old tradition that might even date back to a military women’s support group. Last night I spent several hours googling, trying to find that story. I didn’t find “that” story. I did, however, find some very interesting links that I’ve incorporated into this blog post and also will share below. I hope you will take a few moments to read these articles and watch the video.

Too many Americans have forgotten there are many U.S. troops still fighting to defend our freedoms. That’s why I appreciate all my good friend and radio broadcaster Trent Loos does to raise awareness and to support our troops. In fact, I ordered my red shirt through Trent. He also is a huge supporter of the All American Beef Battalion, which thanks U.S. servicemen and women by serving ribeye steaks to them.

It doesn’t matter whether you support the wars we are fighting or whether you support the various places our troops are serving. What matters is that we support our troops for doing a very dangerous job! These people from all walks of life like you and me, yet they make it possible for all of us in this country to express our views and enjoy our rights!

Show your support of the troops by giving a follow to the Red Shirt Friday page. Listen to Trent’s radio show on Rural Route Radio, and wear RED on Fridays!

Below are additional resources for Red Friday: