Latham Hi-Tech Seeds… 70 Years and Growing

IMG_3795We couldn’t have asked for a better day to celebrate Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ 70th year anniversary than the day we had on Friday, Sept. 15. Thanks to everyone who showed up on the Latham family’s Century Farm for the last stop on our Seed-2-Soil® Plot Tour! It was our pleasure showing Latham® Dealers, growers and customers alike the many technology options we can offer as an independent seed company.

Seed and technology experts were stationed at different stops throughout the field to discuss Latham’s product lineup and services offering. Featured soybean and corn products were picked to showcase various technologies, ranging from Liberty Link and Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans to VT2 PRO and SmartStax corn hybrids. We specifically discussed the new technology release of Agrisure® Duracade, while showcasing future technologies like Enlist® Soybeans. Plots also were planted to show experiential varieties, as well as to roll out Latham’s new cover crop lineup.

IMG_3895As technologies develop and seed products evolve, Latham Seeds remains committed to our mission: Helping Upper Midwest farmers feed and fuel the world by providing valuable customer experiences and innovative products backed by hometown service. We pride ourselves in providing cutting edge seed industry technologies through a diverse lineup suited to fit specific needs on a field-by-field basis.

Mike Pearson, host of Market to Market and co-host of Ag News Daily, shared a glimpse of where agriculture was headed in the future. He addressed the volatility in commodity markets in recent years but is encouraged by changes in demand from foreign countries. As a result of the middle class growing worldwide, the demand for protein also will grow. The demand for corn and soybean exports is expected to rise.

IMG_3993“We couldn’t ask for a better time, place or industry to be involved in,” said Pearson.

Pearson is in good company with that statement. We’re proud to be part of the agricultural industry and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate this 70-year milestone. We look forward to sharing more hallmark experiences with our employees, dealers, growers and customers. Thanks for joining us, growing with us and helping make Latham Seeds the company it is today!