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#MilkDrive Food Bank of Iowa

Guest Blog Post by Kilah Hemesath
Latham Hi-Tech Seeds Intern

While consuming a gallon of milk with supper is not unusual for some families in Iowa, there are many children across our state who suffer from milk insecurity. Milk is one of the most requested items by food banks, according to Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization.

On average the Food Bank of Iowa can only provide those in need less than one gallon of milk per year. The recommended milk consumption per person is significantly higher at 68 gallons/year.

In accordance with June Dairy Month, Feeding America is hosting a Great American Milk Drive throughout the month of June. The Food Bank of Iowa was one in 10 food banks across the U.S. chosen to compete in the Great American Milk Drive!

You can offer support to this organization by incorporating #MilkDrive and tag the Food Bank of Iowa into tweets and Facebook posts. The Food Bank of Iowa will share your post to spread the message about milk insecurity throughout Iowa. Each post will generate points towards the Milk Drive competition.

The winner of the Great American Milk Drive will receive $10,000 towards milk purchases to help supply milk for children, families and seniors in Central Iowa. 95% of food banks say they don’t receive enough milk to meet their clients’ needs. Contribute to this cause by simply mentioning the Food Bank of Iowa in a post or tweet using #MilkDrive.

June 16th is an important day for this cause. The Great American Milk Drive will MATCH DONATIONS towards this cause, and provide DOUBLE POINTS towards the national contest for posts and tweets composed by people like you!

You can make a difference by donating directly, or sharing your message with the click of a button. Help those in need who miss out on the 9 essential nutrients provided by milk. Find The Food Bank of Iowa on Facebook and Twitter and start posting!