New Video Brings Plant Breeding to Life

pic-better-seedThe American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) unveiled the latest initiative in its “Better Seed, Better Life” communications program Tuesday in Chicago during the Opening General Session of its 2016 CSS & Seed Expo. This video gives viewers a look inside the life of a “Mom, Gardener, Plant Breeder” by making food production relatable and interesting to consumers.

Jessie Alt is a mother, home gardener and professional plant breeder. Beautiful imagery captures how much Jessie enjoys sharing her passion for growing a home garden with her two daughters. Then we see the passion Jessie has for producing new and improved varieties of nutritious crops in a sustainable manner.

The “Mom, Gardener, Plant Breeder” video is part of a larger, ongoing advocacy and social media campaign to share information with consumers about the importance of seed improvement and its connection to quality of life. It’s been so rewarding to chair the ASTA Communications Committee for the past two years and watch how our industry’s advocacy and outreach program has grown. At the 2014 CSS, we shared research findings used to create the communications plan that is now being implemented.

Just as seeds grow into plants that produce food, it’s our hope that the proverbial seeds planted by this video will plant new thoughts in the minds of consumers, leading to a greater understanding of agriculture and a new appreciation for the safe and wholesome food supply that Americans enjoy.

Providing a more sustainable food supply and increasing choices for American families at the grocery store all starts with a seed, and better seed means better life. I love how this new video uses human interest to connect with consumers about science. (Then again, I might be a little biased. See for yourself!)

Watch the video here and share it online with #JustGrowIt. Whether you want to “grow” your knowledge about plant breeding, or “grow” a better home garden, follow @Better_Seed for tips, tricks and other fun facts about seed.