Seed decisions should be based on 2-3 year data.

During our Harvest Meetings in late November, Senior Agronomist and Soybean Product Specialist Mark Grundmeier of Latham Seed Company gave a presentation on soybean performance in 2008 and what to expect in 2009.

Due to the unusual growing conditions we experienced this year, Mark cautioned against basing all of your seed purchase decisions on 2008 performance. Instead, use two-and three-year data. For example, if someone loved L2158R in 2007 but was disappointed in 2008, give it another try. Don’t kick something out because it had one off year.

Other highlights from Mark’s presentation:

  • Roundup Ready2 Yield technology and LibertyLink will be available for spring 2009 planting.
  • 2008 was a difficult year, we received 13 inches of rain between May 1 and June 15- twice the normal amount!
  • This season rewarded taller plant types and stronger BSR resistance.
  • Delayed planting and cooler weather impacted soybeans, especially V1-V5.
  • Challenging growing conditions created problems with harvestability, disease and plant characteristics.
  • Bacterial blight and brown spot affected lower portions of the plant more in 2008 than other “normal” years.
  • State climatologists expect the next few seasons to be cooler and wetter, but then again some predicted drought in 2008, so it’s anyones guess for 2009.

If you have any questions or comments on things you noticed this season, share them with us in the comment box below.