New Study Shows Education is Key to Consumer Appreciation

People generally fear what they don’t understand. Nearly 98% of the American population is no longer engaged in food and fiber production, so it’s easy to see why so many consumers have questions about choosing safe and healthy foods for their family.

So how can be bridge the gap between consumers and producers? It stands to reason that greater understanding leads to greater appreciation… and results from a survey recently commissioned by the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) prove just that!

During a news conference held yesterday during the 2014 Seed Expo in Chicago, ASTA leadership shared research findings from a study of 600 moms, millennials and foodies. These three consumer segments are recognized for driving conversations about food issues, and survey findings verify that they greatly undervalue the role of seed and seed improvements in their everyday lives.

Once consumers were presented with specific examples of environmental, economic and health benefits of seed, however, they had a greater appreciation for how seed innovation contributes to quality of life. Survey respondents were provided examples of seed improvements in areas of food, feed, fuel and fiber. Total positive impressions among millennials increased by 18%; total positive impressions among moms increased by 13%; and total positive impressions among foodies increased by 16%.

ASTA CSS Infographic

These results are extremely encouraging! I couldn’t be more excited about the three-year campaign that’s getting underway to reach consumers with positive messages about seed improvements.

“ASTA is uniquely positioned to help educate consumers about seed improvements that are providing solutions for the increasing demands of a growing world,” ASTA President and CEO Andy LaVigne. “It also gives our organization an opportunity to focus on ‘why’ we do what we do.”

ASTA CSS Infographic

The seed industry – like the farmers we serve – has an honorable story to tell. That’s why Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is committed to doing whatever we can to help consumers understand – and appreciate – how better life begins with seed. Better seed equals better life, here and around the globe!