Women in Ag: Tracing Emily Kuntz’s #RootsinBoots


resizedThis inspiring FarmHer just finished her 48th crop year in North Iowa. Married in 1976, Emily Kuntz (pronounced coo-n-tz) hasn’t gone a year without running the grain cart. Her husband, Rodney, spends each day by her side – just a few rows over in the combine.

From the time she was a child, Emily (who goes by Emi), has spent as much time as possible outside. She grew up with six brothers and six sisters on an Iowa farm where she fell in love with production agriculture. With that large of a family, Emi had to help cook and clean the kitchen, but she jumped at any chance she could get to go outside and help her dad.

Helping with corn harvest has always been one of Emi’s favorite activities. She gets the same joy from farming with her husband, their son and nephew today as she found in the camaraderie she enjoyed while growing up farming with her brothers and sisters.

Emi is living her dream as a farmher. She’s  also a respected mother, adored wife and beloved grandmother. Emi and Rod have two daughters, one son and seven grandchildren. She explains how her grandchildren’s eyes light up every time they ride in the tractor or combine and how much she loves their company.

It’s clear that Emi and Rodney have passed their work ethic to their children. Their son, Ramon, agrees his mother’s positive influence played a large role in his decision to farm.

“I never went to daycare as a child because I was just mom’s right-hand little man,” Ramon says. “I hope to someday give my kids the same experience that she gave me.”

Farming has been a family tradition on both sides of Ramon’s family. Emi’s #RootsinBoots date back to 1850 when her grandparents began farming here after immigrating, and Rodney’s family has been farming in North Iowa for 139 years.

After being in the industry for more than 40 years, Emi has a wealth of experience but her best advice can be boiled down to the following statement: “Make sure your heart is in whatever you do. It takes long hours, a lot of patience and tremendous amounts of hard work, but the ability to do what you love with the ones you love is irreplaceable.”


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