Women in Ag: Tracing Mandy Danner’s #RootsinBoots


From the time she took her first combine ride in a car seat, Mandy Danner of Curlew, Iowa, has had her roots planted in agriculture.


Photo credit to FarmHer®

Mandy is a woman with drive, dedication and the desire to excel in all areas of her life. This former 4-H and FFA member is on brink of an industry change. She’s challenging the status quo and taking a stance in her role of a farmher, wife and soon-to-be mom.

Family values and common interests are what initially brought Mandy and her husband, Cole, together when they were students at Iowa State University and are the building blocks for their family. Mandy has taken her passion for agriculture and turned it into an irreplaceable role on the farm.

“Harvest is a busy time of year here,” says Mandy. “Not only do I feed the entire harvest crew a hot meal each and every day, but I’m also part of the crew myself.”

Mandy runs the grain cart, feeds livestock and checks pastures to alleviate some of the long days for her family. She values the opportunity to learn more each day and enjoys seeing yield results after a carefully planned and executed growing season. Mandy and Cole feel blessed to harvest alongside Mandy’s parents, brothers and her grandfather. Teamwork is key among all family. Teamwork is one of the values they want to instill in their children, and the couple is eagerly anticipating the arrive of their first child this February.

“Cole and I help each other accomplish every day chores and we do it as a team. He helps me inside with dishes and laundry, then I help him deliver baby calves, vaccinate cows and build fence.”

latham-dealer-cole-danner-and-maurer-familyNo two days are alike for the Danner’s as they stay busy with their crop production and cattle operation, with an emphasis on club calf production where they host Danner Show Stock Club Calf Sale every year in September.

“Cole and I find it priceless to farm with the ones you love,” says Mandy. We both believe in the future of agriculture and look forward to carrying on our farming traditions.”

Mandy shares this advice for other women who are interested in going into the agricultural industry.

“Do what you love and do it proudly! Women are just as capable of men in the agricultural industry so don’t let the status quo dull your fire.”

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