A Snapshot of My Japanese Travels

As you all know, I recently took a trip with the Iowa Farm Bureau to visit the Iowa Sister State of Yamanashi, Japan. I got the opportunity to visit with Japanese pork producers and eat some interesting dishes, to say the least.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I have to say, it’s hard to summarize my experiences in Japan with just one 600-word blog post! So today, I’ll be sharing my first photo blog. 


While sitting in my hotel at the base of Mt. Fugi, I did an interview via Skype with Kim Bremmer of AgInspirations. What a thrill to be in Japan, talking with another U.S. agvocate about my experience!


I’m always willing to try new foods, but raw fish, squid, and other seafood left me a little squeamish.


There was some very good pork and beef in some of the meals.


I can’t say enough about our Sister State program. What a fantastic program! To learn more about Yamanashi, read one of my previous blog posts.


I was very impressed with this young man from our Sister State of Yamanashi!


Mt. Fugi was just as impressive as it was beautiful. We were able to see it so clearly, but most people don’t get to see it like this.


We were able to talk to pig farmers, ask them questions, and view a display of their pork.



IMG_0028   IMG_0021


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