Speak Up: America Won’t Remain “We the People” without Representation

Once upon a time, government officials believed they should protect citizens. Nutritional guidelines were formed to make our bodies healthier. Those with the highest incomes had to pay more taxes, and spending for entitlements was increased. (The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) cost almost $80 billion last year – twice the amount it cost just five years ago!)

barn_flag_400Once upon a time, government was good. Rules were written to control how farmers care for land and livestock. Eminent domain was exercised, so the government took control of land to create structures that would address everyone’s power and transportation needs.

Government officials took care of all our needs and wants. Or did they?! Even if they think they are “taking care” of us, are they? Let’s look at the new recommendations from the dietary board…

For more nearly 50 years, we have been told that eating foods with too much cholesterol is bad for our health. But page 91 of the 572-page Scientific Report of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee reads, “…available evidence shows no appreciable relationship between consumption of dietary cholesterol and serum (blood) cholesterol.”

A recent CNN report states the potential impact of reversing dietary guidelines and telling Americans their free to enjoy certain high-cholesterol foods once again: “A lot is riding on this decision. Foods that are high in cholesterol, like eggs, shrimp and lobster, could see a major uptick in sales. These foods, perhaps limited inside – or banished from – your home, could make a big comeback.”

The reverse could be true for cattle producers if the proposed 2015 Dietary Guidelines for beef are issued. Demand for beef has been strong. Beef producers have proven lean beef provides essential vitamins and nutrients not found at the same levels in other foods. Now Big Government is changing its tactics. New federal “dietary guidelines” call for Americans to reduce beef consumption because raising cows is allegedly bad for the environment.

Soooooo these nutrition “experts” are now experts on our farming practices! These proposed beef dietary guidelines aren’t being issued for the purpose of protecting our diets or making us healthier. Such actions push an agenda by a certain group of people. Allowing groups such as HSUS to influence the USDA is completely out of hand! I believe most elected officials have good intentions when bills are being written.

By the time a law goes through the rule making bureaucracy, however, interest groups have often influenced so many changes that the actual law does more harm than good. For example, it appears children will lose out on important vitamins and nutrients if the proposed 2015 dietary guidelines are adopted. Federal nutritional guidelines determine what our kids eat for school lunch. Why should a certain group’s agenda be given priority over the health and nutrition of our children?

What about the tax laws that decide who can keep their wealth and who can’t? Just because the government can take away what someone has worked for his or her whole life, does it make life better for poorer people? Does our welfare system make lives better, or does our system make more welfare families? Would a hand up be better than a hand out?

Does a centralized education system improve the lives of kids from all parts of our vast country? Do we need the same standards for kids who will become doctors as the kids who will become welders? Can kids in New York City be taught the same classes as kids in Cody, Wyoming, with the same results?

Should people, who have no experience with nuances of soil, tell a 60-year-old farmer how to grow corn? Who gets to decide what is “sustainable” on the rangelands of Montana versus the Mississippi Delta?

And why should eminent domain take a multi-generational farm away from one family to make the commute to work 30 seconds faster for someone else? Why should rich, Iowa soils be taken out of production to erect a wind turbine to generate power that is then shipped halfway across the country and makes some Texans rich?!

Money speaks, I know, but who is listening? The health of people and people’s rights must be considered! Government is not just the elected officials any more. Maybe it never was. Bureaucrats are controlling much of our huge blotted government. Special interest groups are getting appointed to serve on panels, boards and committees that decide how we are to live.

And, yes, I’m going to say it again: “Pay attention. Get involved.” America’s government should be “We the people, for the people.”