Super Bowl XLVIII: Felfies, Foodies & Football



Super Bowl Sunday XLVII had us reaching for a tissue and wiping our eyes as the nation was overcome with emotion when Dodge Ram’s God Made a Farmer television spot aired.  That commercial, featuring a poem recited by Paul Harvey during the 1978 FFA annual convention, paid tribute to Americans farmers.

Dodge’s “Year of the Farmer” commercial made those, who tend to livestock and nurture the land, feel rightfully proud.  It made those who aren’t farmers wish they had such a noble calling.

We believe farmers deserve to be in the spotlight once again, so we’re proclaiming Super Bowl 2014 as “Year of the Felfie.”  Join Latham Hi-Tech Seeds as we host a virtual Super Bowl party!  Enter for a chance to win freebies by participating in Felfies, Foodies & Football:

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Between now and the kickoff on Sunday, Feb. 2, take time to take a #felfie. They say a photo is worth a thousand words.  In this case, it could be worth a stadium blanket and chairs!  Plus, your felfie could help non-farmers gain a better understanding how their food is produced.

Speaking of food…  Everyone knows the key to hosting a good party is having ample quantities of wonderful food. That’s why, beginning tomorrow, we’ll post simple yet delicious “Game Day” recipes on our company’s Facebook page.  We hope you’ll join us throughout the week as we prepare for Super Bowl 2014!