Day 5: 12 Days of Christmas

12daysOne of the best ways to manage risk is by planting a diversified portfolio of seed products that includes minimum of three or four different hybrid numbers in varying maturities.  Different flowering dates can help reduce yield loss due to heat during pollination.

4819LH 4819 SS, designated as one of Latham’s top Gladiator hybrids, is an excellent early product for North Iowa.  Not only does it portray a great defensive package needed for tough corn-on-corn situations, but this hybrid is high yielding with excellent test weight.  It has good stalks with excellent roots, giving this hybrid healthy late-season intactness.  Staygreen allows LH 4819 SS to move south of its comfort zone, too.

Talk to your local Latham® representative about planting some 4819 in 2014.  If you have questions or need help finding a dealer near you, call the Latham office at 1.877.GO.LATHAM (1.877.465.2842).