Day 17: Slow Food Sunday: Turkey Leftovers

Top Turkey Recipes From

  1. “Buffalo Chicken” Dip
  2. Turkey Tortilla Hot Dish
  3. Turkey Pot Pie
  4. Easy Turkey Salad with a side of French Onion Soup
  5. Turkey Reuben
  6. Southwestern Turkey Soup
  7. Garden “Turkey” Casserole
  8. Wild Turkey Casserole (a.k.a. “Wild & Cheesy Chicken Casserole”)
  9. White Turkey Chili
  10. Fiesta Turkey Chowder
  11. Turkey Mandarin Poppy Seed Salad

P.S.  Say you’re “cooking once and eating twice.”  Call them “do-overs.”  Whatever you do, don’t call them leftovers!  That’s like calling DDGs byproducts when everyone knows they’re coproducts, right? 😉