#30Days Come to an End

It seems like just yesterday when I was writing the intro post, announcing that I was joining ag journalist Holly Spangler and a group of #advocates on a 30-day blogging journey. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say!  And these past 30 days were certainly filled with fun.

This blog series has provided me with an opportunity to virtually meet bloggers like Julie Van Manen and Crystal Blin, as well reconnect with Judy Grath and Katie Olthoff.  As a result, I’ve come away with several new recipes.  I’ve already made Judy’s Corn Casserole twice (it’s become a favorite of my daughter’s) and am looking forward to using Thanksgiving leftovers to try Katie’s Lemon Garlic Turkey Rotini with Zucchini.  I hope you’ve enjoyed trying of these recipes, too!

Because the objective of the #30day challenge was for agriculturists to share what they do to help promote understanding among our non-ag friends, I also addressed harder-hitting topics like Local Foods, the Organic Food Trend and Sustainability.  I appreciated help from guest bloggers like the Iowa Food & Family Project and Best Food Facts for dispelling myths and helping us reach consumers with positive messages.

Wordless Wednesdays” and “Throwback Thursday” posts were so popular that we’re planning to continue them throughout the year.  Of course, I’ll continue with our Farm Family Features on Fridays.  I always look forward to meeting with farmers across the Midwest and telling their stories.  Everyone has a story to tell, I always say.  If you’d like to share yours with me, I’m up for another road trip!