Battle Corn Rootworm with Gladiator Hybrids

Managing corn rootworm has become increasingly important as the number of corn-on-corn (c-on-c) acres rises.  University research data confirms the real strategy for dealing with high corn rootworm pressure is to use rootworm-traited genetics in addition to other strategies.

Yield is often lost in c-on-c situations due to increased pressure from insects and disease, plus issues related to residue management and soil drainage.  Farmers must manage continuous corn acres differently than corn-following-soybeans.

Helping farmers better manage their c-on-c acres is the reason Latham Hi-Tech Seeds developed the Gladiator group of products. These products combine the best genetics and traits available in the market today to help farmers maximize yields from corn-on-corn acres.

Latham Hi-Tech Seeds’ 2013 product guide features 33 hybrid seed corn products with 6 different trait combinations for rootworm control in various maturities.  Last year we sold out of nearly every bag of our best corn-on-corn products, so order now while supplies last!

We’re also pleased to offer more refuge-in-a-bag (RIB Complete) options than ever before.  If you order a Latham® Genuity® SmartStax® hybrid, you’ll receive Poncho 500 and VOTiVO for free. This is a $20 per unit value and will only be offered while supplies last!

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