Step into Spring, Full of Energy and Optimism

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Just because you’re a farm girl doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice fashion!  All of us love to dress up once in awhile.  Every now and then, don’t you like to trade your Carhartt® overalls for a fun dress or some nice slacks?  At the least a new accessory or two?

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m as farm girl as the rest of you.  But I do enjoy being a girl and playing dress up, and I am giving you all permission to find your inner girl. You can do just that with some help from me!

Springtime is a season of new beginnings and fresh, playful fashion.  According to the Pantone Color Institute, “Consumers are looking for renewed energy, optimism and a promise of a brighter day.”  (Kinda sounds like farmers, huh? We’re always looking ahead, eager for better markets, more moisture, and higher yields! )

When you think of colors that exude energy, what comes to mind?  Tangerine, of course! It’s an enticing juicy orange, vivacious and appealing.  Tangerine radiates warmth, cheer and excitement!  It’s really a fun color!!

On a recent trip to the Big City (aka San Francisco), I found tangerine hues everywhere from dresses to handbags, nail polish, shoes, headbands, earrings.  This sunny, citrus punch of color was everywhere, so I took a few shots to share with all of you.

Afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and purchase an orange dress or pants… then why not try some fun accessories?  Try a pair of ballet flats, a thin belt, hat, clutch, gloves, nail polish or lipstick.  A pop of orange added to any outfit of lavender, lime green or light blue is a lovely smidge of excitement!  If these items are too far-fetched, try accessorizing a nice, crisp white shirt and jeans with some fun, orange bracelets and/or a belt.  I know you can do that!

Some of you might be thinking, “Really, Celeste?  Fashion on the Farm?”  Well, we don’t stay on the farm all of the time.  You must venture out once in awhile, am I right?

I believe fashion is an extension of who you are.

Fashion showcases your personality!  Some of us are over-the-top while others are a bit more conservative, but I’m thinking we all need a break from our Carhartts and need an opportunity to show a bit of personality.  If you just can’t break away from your bibs entirely, add a headband or maybe polish those nail tips – in Tangerine, of course!

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Celeste is a 4th generation cattle rancher on her family ranch in the foothills of the Salinas Valley on the Central Coast of California. As a young adult, she had an extensive career showing livestock. Celeste earned a B.A. in Agribusiness Marketing at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. She works as a produce broker for Fresh Network, maintains her duties on the family cattle ranch and speaks at agricultural events nationwide.

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