Machine Shed Restaurant plants Latham Hi-Tech Seeds corn mini showplot

“Dedicated to the American Farmer.” That’s the heart of The Machine Shed restaurants located throughout the Midwest. One of the leading hospitality brands in the central U.S., The Machine Shed’s flagship property in Des Moines recently planted a small demonstration plot of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds corn. The corn stand will be a great visual addition to The Machine Shed’s visitor path, circling a scenic pond surrounded by classic farm tractors, landscaping and other “adornments” from life on the land. The Machine Shed hosts thousands of restaurant patrons every week, many from small towns and rural areas.

As you can see, Cat Wood-Penton, executive team member at the Machine Shed who is planting the seeds, took Latham’s planting instructions to heart: 30-inch rows, seeds planted 6 inches apart, 1.5″ to 2″ deep. It was a windy day that day, so the audio is a little muffled, but should still work.

We look forward to big, brilliant corn emerging this summer, showing people how Latham seeds perform.