Last Chance to Comment On Child Labor

The deadline draws near to raise concerns over the U.S Department of Labor’s proposed changes to “youth labor” rules.  Comments are due Dec. 1.

At face value, it looks like if you have a family farm, you’ll be exempt. However, if the family farm is incorporated, you’re not exempt if someone other than the child’s parents own stock. Our concern is that these rule changes will reach further than we might even know. The proposed regulations also don’t take into account the many faces of modern family farms. Not everyone fits the government’s traditional definition of family farms; today’s family farming operations might be grandparents and grandchildren or uncle and aunts, nieces and nephews.

We hope you – as well as your family members and friends – will contact the Department of Labor and let them know how detrimental these changes would be to your family.  To submit comments, click here and reference RIN 1235-AA06.

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