Join Me May 9 in DSM for the #140conf

Technology is changing the way we all live and work.  Paper maps, notepads and rotary phones have been replaced by GPS guidance, smart phones and apps, writes Greg D. Horstmeier, Editor-in-Chief, DTN/The Progressive Farmer. Personally, I’ve replaced stationary, envelopes and stamps with e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

How “Now Technology” is making difference in life or in business will be the focus on Monday, May 9, during the National 140 Character Conference at the Stoner Theatre in Des Moines. An illustrious “cast of characters” will take the stage including:  Nathan Wright (@nathantwright), who left his day job to found Lava Row before most of us even understood what a virtual community was; Jeff Caldwell (@JeffACaldwell), multimedia editor for; and Greg Vincent(@AgWebEditor), editor of and former editor of Top Producer magazine.

Our home area will be well represented, too.  Yours truly (@LathamSeeds) will take the stage for my 10 minutes of fame to share how Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is using today’s technology to interact daily with our farmer-customers. Judy Wrolson and Keri Holms from Cornerstone Cottage in Hampton will talk about taking baby steps to increase customers to their boutique.  Patrick Palmer, The Computer Guy, will explain how social media has made a big difference to his business.  Plus, Deb Brown of will explain how Franklin County is using social media to revitalize tourism.

Iowa’s first 140 Conference is sure to offer something for everyone. Topics that will be covered include: Agriculture, Entertainment, Museums, Tech, Tourism, Writing, Education, Politics, Business, Media, Health Care, Retail, Ageism, Mobile Tech and Serendipity.

Make plans to join me in Des Moines on May 9!  Tickets are available by clicking here. Honestly, I’d love to know there are a few “friendly faces” in the crowd.  I’d also enjoy hearing how “now technology” has changed your life or business.  Feel free to share your story with me.