Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…Oh My!

Have you “tweeted” “Facebooked” or “blogged” lately? This lingo that at one time might have seemed like a foreign language to you is now making its way into the everyday vocabulary of your average Joe. In fact, at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, we “tweet” “Facebook” and “blog” every week day.

Seed World magazine recently featured Latham Hi-Tech Seeds in their story about how social media tactics are helping seed companies reach growers to provide instant, relevant information. We use our blog, Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Twitter account to communicate pertinent information and industry news with our growers (and of course, a few recipes here and there).

However, we don’t see the traditional methods of communication disappearing anytime soon as others predict.  We believe combining social media with traditional media has been a great way to reach a larger audience.

A special thank you to Teresa Falk at Seed World for including us in her story.  To view the entire story, visit our website, and go to “News & Events.” Check out the “In the News” section to see this story, as well as other recent Latham news.