You’re invited to the Latham Country Fair!

Latham® dealers and customers are invited to the Latham Country Fair July 30 in Alexander, Iowa. Those attending will have a unique opportunity to view and learn about some of the latest technologies available to growers in the Midwest.

Here are just a few of the many demonstrations and presentations taking place at the Latham Country Fair:

  • Dr. Seth Naeve, Associate Professor and Extension Agronomist and Research; Soybean Management, from the University of Minnesota – “How to Make 80-Bushel Soybeans”
  • Daren Mueller, Iowa State University (ISU) Extension Program Specialist – “Stopping Nematodes in Both Corn and Soybeans”
  • Dr. Roger Elmore, Extension Corn Specialist and Professor of Agronomy at ISU – “How to Make 300-Bushel Corn”

Corn Field Demos will highlight:

  1. VOTiVOTM biological seed treatment for nematode control (Bayer CropScience)
  2. Agrisure® 3000GT (Syngenta)
  3. GenuityTM SmartStaxTM (Monsanto)
  4. GenuityTM VT Triple ProTM (Monsanto)
  5. A corn population study featuring four Latham® Hi-Tech Hybrids planted at 24,000; 30,000; 35,000; 41,000; 44,000; and 49,000 seeds per acre
  6. Using the new Agrisure 3111GT (Viptera) trait from Syngenta to control a broad spectrum of Lepidoptera insect pests in corn
  7. The complete lineup of Latham corn genetics for 2011

Soybean Field Demos include:

  1. VOTiVOTM biological seed treatment for nematode control (Bayer CropScience)
  2. GenuityTM Roundup Ready 2 YieldTM Soybeans (Monsanto)
  3. LibertyLink® (Bayer CropScience)
  4. Vistive® (Monsanto)
  5. CystX® + RR2Y soybean lines
  6. Seed treatments
  7. The complete lineup of Latham soybeans genetics for 2011

Click the link below to hear about the many presentations and demonstrations you can view July 30 at the Latham Country Fair.

The Latham Country Fair Lineup

Bring the whole family!

There will be fun-filled activities for the whole family to enjoy! Visit, News and Events, Latham Country Fair to learn more. (We’ll also include a blog post on Tuesday that will highlight the many children’s activities that will be available).