Harvest Nears Completion in Latham Country

During a combine ride this afternoon in Greene County, one Latham® customer told me that he’ll be 100 percent done with harvest by October 19 — which is the date that he began harvesting corn last fall.  What a difference a year makes! Growers throughout Latham’s six-state marketing area are nearing the completion of harvest thanks to clear skies, dry soils and low moistures. While this beautiful fall weather has created some talk in the countryside, the preferred topic of conversation has been how pleasantly surprised they’ve been by the yields.  A few yields worth talking about are highlighted below.

Northeast Iowa
Soybean harvest is wrapping up, and Nick Benson says it’s been so much fun to watch Latham® L2440R2 come out of the field. This soybean brand has been dominating with yields of 80 bushel per acres (bu/A) or more being reported in parts of a field! It also has very nice SDS tolerance. For most growers who planted it in this area, it’s the best soybean yield they have ever taken off their farms. We’re also getting solid yield information on Latham® Hi-Tech Hybrids. LH 5425 VT3 has been a very consistent performer for corn-on-corn situations. Another solid performer has been LH 5494 3000GT. Where LH 5376 had ample moisture, it’s been a top yielder on farms. Overall, corn yields continue to be variable with yields averaging in the 170 to 190 bu/A range.

South Central Iowa
Corn harvest is in full swing as the last of the soybeans are out of the fields across most of South Central Iowa. Travis Slusher received a light, gentle shower at his farm on Tuesday, but it wasn’t enough to slow down harvest. Soybean yields across the central part of his region have been in the mid- to upper 60s with some farms hitting the low 70s as whole-field averages. Travis has seen impressive results from L2984R2, L3186R2 and L3268R2. Corn harvest is showing a very mixed bag of results due to conditions throughout the growing season. Corn yields for farm averages are ranging anywhere from 100 bushels per acre (bu/A) to the mid- 170s depending upon the soil type, soil moisture and general health of the plant. Travis has seen Latham® LH 6056 VT3 and the LH 5777 SS yield in the 190-bushel range.

North Central Iowa
Kevin Meyer reports another great weather week for harvest conditions. Combines continue on corn with good yields and great dry down. Latham® LH 5376 VT3 continues to shine in his area along with strong performances from LH 5896 VT3 and LH 5877 VT3 PRO. Corn is close to half done here and will be the priority this week. Soybeans had a GREAT year in this area. With soybean harvest complete, many producers have commented that this year’s crop is the best they can remember. The list of success stories this fall is very long, but the biggest story is the consistency and performance of Latham® soybeans with the Genuity® Roundup Ready 2 Yields™ technology.

Northwest Iowa
Latham® products continue to perform as harvest continues. Latham’s LH5228 VT3 and LH 5376 VT3 have consistently set the bar on yield, outperforming competitors by huge margins. Doyle Wissink reported a yield of 274 bushel per acre with LH 5376 VT3. Soybean harvest is wrapping up. The combination of strong RR1 technology and our new RR2 soybeans makes a potent one-two punch. Latham® L2085R has been the standard for yield in northern Iowa and L2440R2 is quickly getting a reputation as the new yield king. As one producer stated, “L2440R2 is like nothing I have seen before!”

Many growers are finishing up bean harvest in Steve Bailie’s territory. With the weather better than usual, they’ve been able to keep the combines rolling later into the evening. The moisture content has been a little drier than we may want with 9% moisture being reported in some soybeans. Soybean yields have been reaching up to 80 bushels per acre, and Latham’s L2440R2 has impressed many growers this year. Corn is producing amazing yields, as well. Many growers have averaged well over 200 bushels this year.

South Dakota
Bill Eichacker says soybean harvest should wrap up this week for most farmers as 85% of the crop harvested. Latham’s L2440R2 is quite impressive again this year. During one combine ride Bill made, the RR2Y had an eight bushel advantage over a RR1 brand. Other plots show L2440R2 at the top or a close second. Corn harvest will be in full force next week as moisture content is considerably lower than last year. It’s common to see fall tillage following the combine.

East Central Iowa
Soybean harvest will almost be complete by the week’s end in Brad Beatty’s territory. Soybean yields have been a pleasant surprise with many customers reporting 55- to 60- bushel beans unless they had severe cases of Sudden Death Syndrome. Some producers have talked about soybeans popping out of the pod, which can happen in years like this when the moisture of the soybeans are so low and humidity levels in the air also low. Corn harvest is also moving at a rapid pace. Corn has been coming out of the field as low as 13% but yields have been very inconsistent. On average, most yields have been around 180 bushel per acre on good ground and 140 bu/A on the poorer soils. This looks to be a great year to get some fall tillage done, and getting some fall fertilizer spread. Fertilizer prices are following the grain markets, so they’re quickly rising.