SDS: What to watch for and how to choose a soybean brand

In recent blog posts, we’ve mentioned the struggle many Midwest farmers are experiencing with SDS in their soybean fields this year. You may have seen one or two of the videos we’ve posted with Mark Grundmeier, soybean product manager at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds providing tips on SDS management and prevention.

Below are the final two videos in Mark’s SDS series. In the first video, Mark speaks about what symptoms you should watch for in your fields to help identify SDS, including yellowing or dark blotches on the leaves, and in later stages, dropping leaves.

Symptoms of Sudden Death Syndrome



In the second video, Mark speaks about the importance of variety selection in preventing outbreaks of SDS. Mark recommends finding those brands that have the strongest SDS tolerance, and taking notes about what varieties performed best against the disease in your field if you do experience SDS.

The Best Tolerance Against Sudden Death Syndrome


Did you have any SDS outbreaks in your fields this season? If so, how do you plan to manage these fields in the future?