Support 4-H Students By Giving the Gift of Grain

Crop producers who want to support Iowa 4-H Youth Development can now donate to the program by giving the gift of grain.

Due to budget cuts and declining state aid, Iowa 4-H has established a grain drive to raise additional funds.  “Giving the gift of grain” provides farmers with another option to donate beyond writing a check or donating cash.

Self-employed farmers who donate grain to the Iowa 4-H Foundation will also benefit, reducing their self-employment tax and increasing their income tax savings.  For more information about how you can help, see the simple steps below.  You may also contact Albert Grunenwald, Associate Director of the Iowa 4-H Foundation, at (515) 294-4780 or

How do I donate grain?

  1. Deliver the grain to your local elevator, co-op or grain merchant.
  2. Tell them you are donating the grain to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.
  3. Make the check payable to the Iowa 4-H Foundation.
  4. Receive a warehouse receipt showing the Iowa 4-H Foundation as owner.
  5. Notify the Iowa 4-H Foundation of your donation.
  6. The Foundation then orders the sale of the property, with the original sales invoice showing the Foundation as the seller.