Latham Seeds Salutes Farmers at Hy-Vee’s INDYCAR Race Weekend

From the first lap in fields every spring to the final lap at harvest, Latham Seeds has always been committed to helping farmers grow. And this past weekend we were at the Iowa Speedway in Newton for a special Salute to Farmers at the Hy-Vee INDYCAR Race Weekend.

As part of our own 75th milestone as a family-owned, farm-proven company, Latham Seeds sponsored the 75th lap of the race on Sunday. Check out our commercial below!

“Honoring farmers is something we have done ever since our grandfather established Latham Seeds back in 1947 right here in Iowa,” says John Latham, company president. “But it’s something we are especially proud to celebrate this year during our 75th anniversary.”

Enjoy our commercial: