Unleash the “Madness” for Your Fields: Top Latham® Picks for 2024

Just like the excitement of March Madness grips basketball fans, spring brings a different kind of competition for farmers: the quest for maximum yield. But assembling a winning lineup for your field isn’t a matter of a lucky draft pick. It requires a strategic approach, and that’s where Latham Hi-Tech Seeds steps in.

Think of Latham’s R&D team as your expert recruiters, meticulously scouting and selecting the top-performing corn and soybean varieties for the Upper Midwest.

Here’s a glimpse into Latham’s “bracketology” of seed picks for 2024:

Starting Five for Latham Corn:

  1. 3937 VT Double PRO: The Point Guard. This early-maturing superstar gets your season off to a fast break. It is adaptive to all soil types and emerges quickly and strongly, setting the stage for a productive campaign.
  2. 4937 VT Double PRO: The Fan Favorite. Team Latham’s biggest seller the last couple of years, this hybrid has fast dry down and top-end yields. It’s a farm favorite in the north, delivering a winning shot even when the competition wilts.
  3. 4866 Tricepta®: The Power Forward. The high-yielding hybrid plays a critical role. With excellent standability and a multi-year track record, it’s ready to dominate even the most challenging fields.
  4. 5336 PowerCore®: The Quiet Leader. Exceptional disease ratings, impressive girth and high test-weight for this hybrid keeps the competition off guard to maximize harvest potential.
  5. 5815 VT Double PRO: The Clutch Performer. Known for its outstanding root strength, this beast stands tall even under harsh weather conditions — making it a reliable champion that delivers when the pressure’s on.

Starting Five — Soybeans:

  • 0254 XtendFlex®: The MVP (Most Valuable Pod): One of the tallest in the market, this variety keeps the first pod higher off the ground, giving it champion rights against yield-robbing pathogens. Coupled with impressive IDC tolerance, it’s a must-have player in Team Latham’s portfolio.
  • 0888 XtendFlex: The Defensive Stopper. This showoff has excellent standability with good lateral branching, ensuring a harvest victory with consistent performance all season long.
  • 1881 Enlist E3®: The “And-One” Producer. It may be new to the lineup this year, but this Peking source SCN came to play. A new Ironclad® designation for the highest disease resistance makes it a high scorer across all soil types.
  • 2031 Enlist E3: The Fast Stealer: Another Peking source SCN, this variety flies out of the ground and moves easily north or south of zone. Its standability and solid IDC and SDS tolerances make it a high-yielding game changer.
  • 2551 Enlist E3: The “Moneyball” Choice. Latham coaches call this variety a “yield hog” that blew the doors off test trials last year. It’s a newly-crowned Ironclad® variety that’s itching to perform – and won’t disappoint.

Beyond the Picks: Latham’s Coaching Advantage

These are just a few of Latham’s all-star selections. Just like a strong coaching staff, the Latham Product Team is here to help you choose the perfect products for your specific field conditions and goals. They’ll guide you through Latham’s deep bench of options, ensuring you have the right variety for every position on your farm.

Don’t settle for a mediocre “free agent” seed. Recruit Latham’s championship-caliber lineup and experience the satisfaction of a winning harvest. Let’s assemble your perfect plays for ultimate yield success! Learn more.