Yield Reports are Encouraging

As we were conducting our pre-harvest field inspections, many production growers said they’d be happy with 40-bushel yields due to the early cold spell followed by drought. I’m happy to report that most of our growers’ yields were in the mid-50s to the mid-60s, and some even saw yields of 70 bushels per acre (bu/A) or more!

It seems that a few timely rains in August made the difference between having a decent crop and having a poor one. Below are raw yield results from some soybean Latham® Showcase plots and Latham Elite trials harvested this fall:

  • Near Chatfield, Minn., Latham® L 2193 E3 yielded an outstanding 107.8 bu/A, and L 2049 E3 was right there with 95.7 bu/A!
  • Near Sac City, Iowa, L 2283 XF brought in 84.39 bu/A and L 2184 R2X was a close second with 82.87 bu/A.
  • Near Oskaloosa, Iowa, L 3448 R2X produced 83.52 bu/A, barely nudging out L 3479 E3 at 83.26 bu/A.
  • Near Lu Verne, IA, L 2049 E3 topped a plot with 81.89 bu/A and L 2379 E3 came in at 79.79 bu/A.
  • Near Albert City, Iowa, L 2458 E3 yielded 91.94 bu/A and L 1648 LLGT27 came in at 81.49 bu/A.
  • Near Vernon Center, Minn., L 1758 E3 scored 75.15 bu/A and L 1769 R2X came in at 73.21 bu/A.
  • Near Renville, Minn., L 1758 E3 scored 75.06 bu/A while L 2049 E3 was very close with 73.11 bu/A.
  • Near Clarence, Iowa, L 3192 E3 produced 120.12 bu/A and L 2894 E3 yielded 110.85!
  • Mantador, ND, caught some much-needed rain late in the season. At that location, L 1094 E3 produced 79.19 bu/A and L 0739 R2X yielded 65.19 bu/A.

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Keep checking lathamseeds.com for updated yield results from plots around Latham Country.