Ask The Agronomist: Stress Wheel Research

Stress Wheel Overview

In our Stress Wheel Plot, we study plant response and ear flex in 38 hybrids different hybrids. Resembling a pinwheel, corn is planted from the outside to the center with varying populations starting with 15,000 plants per acre (PPA) and increasing to 60,000 PPA.

We have featured 24 hybrids and identified the following for each:

  • Ear Type
  • Population Spread from 60,000 PPA to 15,000 PPA
  • Girth
  • Length
  • Visual cross sections (kernel depth)
Stress wheel poster 2019

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Tune in the the video below to hear insights from Phil Long.

0:25 — Topic Introduction

0:45 — What is the stress wheel?

2:55 — When do corn ears determine girth?

3:00 — When do corn ears determine length?

3:35 — When do corn ears determine kernel depth?

4:05 — LH 5025 VT2 PRO RIB DG Case Study

5:20 — Does girth or length add more yield?