Our “Secret Sauce” is Newly Approved Saltro® Fungicide

During Latham® Dealer Kickoff we announced that Latham’s seed treatment offering would change if the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Syngenta’s Saltro® Fungicide. The EPA on Sept. 5 granted approval, and we couldn’t be more excited about the increased level of protection provided by our new custom-blended seed treatment with Saltro.

Saltro is the new “secret sauce” in Latham’s unique SoyShield™ seed treatment. In fact, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds is the only seed company offering this particular Saltro blend in our seed treatment.

One of the reasons our company is making the switch to Saltro is because it protects early-season plant health, plus protects plants against Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) and Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). Soybeans treated with Saltro have strong emergence, better stands, healthier leaves and develop more robust early-season root mass. As a result, soybean plants treated with Saltro can reach their full genetic and yield potential.

Saltro also doesn’t cause additional plant stress, like the halo effect we’ve seen with older chemistries. Soybeans can outgrow the side effects from early-season, above-ground stress, but they may not fully recover from the lower yield potential caused by below-ground stress.

While touring the Syngenta Seedcare Institute in Minnesota on August 28, a group of Latham representatives were told Saltro is safer and more effective than the current standard seed treatment. More than three years of research shows that soybeans treated with Saltro have a 3-bushel per acre yield advantage over the leading SDS competitor in heavy SDS pressure and a 1.8-bushel yield improvement under low SDS pressure.

Another advantage we saw first-hand on our tour is that Saltro has 22% better wet seed flow than its leading competitor. Saltro has a much lower use rate. In addition, the leading competitor creates 63% more buildup and 100% more dust than Saltro.

Improved handling and treatment efficiency, higher yields, no plant stress, as well as superior SDS and SCN protection are the reasons why Latham Seeds is upgrading its seed treatment offering by making our unique Saltro blend available for the products we’re selling for 2020 planting. Ask your Latham® representative how treating our soybeans with SoyShield Plus with Saltro can make you eligible for our 100% Replant Program!

9.17.19 Tech Tuesday Image