High Quality Soybean Seed and Record-Setting Yields in 2015

Although I’ve spent my career in agriculture, I don’t remember a harvest season in North Central Iowa where combines rolled almost non-stop for six weeks or more without a single rain day.  The hours were long for everyone involved, but it was such a rewarding year.

We saw some of the best yields I’ve ever seen in the 19 years that I’ve worked at Latham Hi-Tech Seeds. An all-time record yield of 77.21 bu/A from a 105-acre production field came in October 7. Two days later, that record was broken when a 137-acre field yielded 81.13 bu/A!  Both of these fields were Latham L 2228 R2 brand soybeans.

Latham L2228R2s yield 80+ bushels per acre

Not only were yields this fall impressive, but the quality is equally impressive. Once our growers deliver their soybeans to Alexander, our crew places each variety in a bin and takes a composite sample. We take samples from every one of our 50+ bins to check that seed for germination, and the germination percentage of all samples were in upper 90s! Keep in mind that these samples are the raw seed taken directly from the bin, and conditioned lots can be even better since we strive to remove all of the lower quality seeds before we bag them.

You can count on our professionals in the conditioning plant to do their very best to keep with the tradition of producing top quality, Latham® soybean seed. “Hat’s off” to plant manager Greg Jaacks and the crew in Alexander for doing another outstanding job of keeping all the soybeans that came in separated and stored in the best possible condition.  They know that quality seed in the bag leads to high yields in the field.

We believe quality seed, combined with industry-leading genetics and geographic selection, are key to Latham Seeds’ standings in the independent F.I.R.S.T. Trials. For the second year in a row, Latham’s L 1858 R2 was the highest yielding product across Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota!

Latham brand soybean products won 36 times in 2014-2015 F.I.R.S.T. Trials, and Latham corn products won 29 times!  During this time period, our products earned 289 Top 10 finishes in soybeans and 291 in corn.

Increase the odds of winning on your farm with Latham Seeds! Apply the rule of multiplicity. Contact your local Latham® representative or call 1-877-G0-LATHAM (1.877.465.2842).