From the Field Crop Report: August 1, 2018


Jerry Broders

Eastern Iowa has been lucky enough to have ideal weather for spraying fungicide and insecticide! Below is a video from this week.


Bryan Rohe

While scouting corn fields in Central Iowa, Goss’s Wilt has been spotted. Now with the cooler weather in the north, it is starting to show up. 

Did you spray fungicide? It looks like the growers who did will be happy with their decision. Enjoy this nice weather!



Larry Krapfl

Perfect evening for fungicide and insecticide application on soybeans in Western Iowa.

Larry JPG


Greg Mair

Signs are up on this FieldxField trial plot in Janesville, Wisconsin. The brands in this plot were selected by maturity for the soil type and environment on this farm. As an independent seed company, Latham Hi-Tech Seeds has the opportunity to try different technologies and genetics from year to year.  Without on-farm research trials across the region, we wouldn’t have product performance data to support new traits or varieties such as the L 2187 GT27 soybeans that were released last year.



Joey Salter

Our late-planted Latham® soybean plot in northern Wisconsin, which was planted on heavier ground, looks pretty good. On the flip side, the soybeans in the second photo were planted just 15 minutes south on sandy soil. In my July 11 crop report, I posted about the drought across our region. Now we’re seeing more fields were plants appear gray and leaves are curling. Our region has some good crops, but more rain would be a blessing.  On a side note, every year I see a few field with deer damage. In photo 3, you can see where the tops of the soybeans in the middle row were clipped.

Joe 2

Joe 3

Joe 1


Ken Highness

This picture was taken July 30 on the farm of Riverton Seed where they’re preparing equipment for wheat harvest that will start by the end of this week. Crystal Sugar Company also announced it will start opening fields the Week of August 12, which is a week earlier than last year. This picture was taken in the shop where the beet lifter is being prepped for opening week.

Ken H



Ramie Coughlin

Soybean traits are all the buzz. When it comes to deciding what trait to plant on your farm, my advice to do what you need to control weeds. FieldxField crop planning is key. Don’t worry about what your neighbors are doing. And no matter what program you choose, start with a pre-emerge herbicide! This field of Latham® Liberty Link soybeans is practically picture-perfect clean.